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The fifth child essay

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  • The fifth child essay

  • Prelude

    1. I was am very appreciative of the support in the reactions I got. Moving is not the biggest deal with 2 adventurous adults. My husband and I talk about moving to other countries and have lived in 5 cities over the past 12 years together. We love settling into a new place with yet to be discovered treasures to find. Doing this with 2 kids is whole different level of commitment and juggling though. This is the first time we moved with both the girls and the most stressful part of the move was definitely finding a pre-school that would take both ages of 15 months and 4.3 years (or were very close) with openings for both, that I felt comfortable in. This is a way for me to say thank you. Thank you for your support and this is to let you know how we’re doing. : )  We always miss the friends we meet along our journey and the family that we can’t bring with us …. we live a mobile life and I want to share more than just a FB post or 140 character tweet.
    2. 13.4% .That is the percentage of children under 18 that live in San Francisco which is the lowest of any major US city according to The Huffington Post.  Many officials are trying to fix the “fleeing of families in SF” while we’re just entering it. I want to first hand experience it before deciding that SF is terrible for children (Just because I am an adult, doesn’t mean that learning the truth through doing isn’t still the best way to be educated). Can the school system really be that bad? Can the majority of people really not like children that much?  Will having this extremely low percentage allow me to have tighter bonds with the family community or will it make me want to leave as well? SO many questions and I want answers. I am here to report on these findings.
    3. I heard from a couple of peninsula natives that it was something they thought about or wanted to do more than once. Soak up the city and still have their family. Don’t get me wrong, making this decision was one of the hardest in my life. I had stomach aches and nerves eating me alive at times. I cried (a whole lot) and then rejoiced in the love I have for my new surroundings. It has been 1 crazy roller coaster ride, but we only had 4 weeks to decide where we were going to live next and this place just said “Me’. Don’t worry about the rest of it… ”  So I’m still not sure if I was called in by a Siren or if it’s true love, but I had to find out. We looked at numerous cities along the Peninsula and East Bay, but none of them felt right for 1 reason or another. The city can be more expensive, but what we got for a little more was definitely worth it. We live in a 1400 sq ft home instead of a house by a sewage line, or a block from the express trains that starts at 6 am or the airplanes flying literally over the house, or up in the hills where it’s 100 degrees and we would be on the opposite side of the bay from our kids more than not. Plus, we are close to the beach now again which is always a huge plus for us. No matter how bad it gets, a good day at the beach will be your best friend, there to listen and cheer you up. Anyone who knows me, knows I love CA from the bottom to top. It’s always felt like home no matter which city I was in from the first time I stepped off the little commuter plane in Long Beach, CA 11 years ago.
    4. Hopefully, it will also become the longed creative outlet I miss. I would love to share sketches and photos or something else that will help me interpret meaning into life….because really….half the time….. what the hell is going on?